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Bicycle tour #5
Once upon a time… there was the production of violins
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Bicycle tour #5

Bicycle tour #5: Musician‘s bikeway

The Musician‘s bikeway attracts both eyes and ears. That circuit is about 115 kilometers long and leads you through the area called „Vogtländischer Musikwinkel".

Starting in the city of Klingenthal, the route passes Erlbach, a small town where families with children like to spend their holidays. Additionally, more than 300 handicraft businesses producing plucked instruments, bowed instruments and wind instruments are located, there. The next city to arrive is Landwüst. In the local open-air museum you get an impression of how the villages looked like in former times and how their inhabitants used to live. Due to the fact, that cycling might make you feel exhausted, take a break in the indoor swimming pools of Bad Elster and Bad Brambach. There, you can relax in the curative springs or the saunas and pools of the cities.

Route 5

The tour goes on, heading towards the small town of Adorf, home of the famous organ builder Trampeli. There, you will find the replica of many famous buildings of the Vogtland which is called „Klein Vogtland". It is definitely worth a visit. The small museum next to the gate „Freiberger Tor" is home to an interesting exhibition of a domestic type of sea shell, the „Flussperlmuschel" which can only be found in rivers.
The route goes on, leading you to Markneukirchen, a small town that has been famous for producing musical instruments, all one-of-a-kind., for more than 300 years. Until today, the town is considered to be the center of producing musical instruments in Germany. For gathering more information, it‘s recommendable to visit the museum of musical instruments. Due to the fact that there are more than 3,000 exhibits, some of them are single pieces, it‘s a good possibility to learn more about the history of producing musical instruments.
After taking a short trip to the city of Schöneck, which is also called „top of the Vogtland", bikers will return to Klingenthal, where mouth organs and accordions have been produced since the year 1829. But music isn‘t the only reason to visit the city. Since 2006, the city draws public‘s attention on winter sports, especially on ski- jumping. The Vogtland Arena, currently the most modern ski-jump in Europe, is definitely worth a visit. The view out of the capsule of the ski-jump is simply outrageous.

Profil 5

Elevation profile of musician‘s bikeway, starting in Adorf

Mostly, the tour leads you over forest tracks and country roads, or streets not that frequented by cars. Some of the roads are steep, a mountain bike might be a good solution. The tour is appropriate for clubs, small groups and families with kids older than six years.


Titel: Bicycle tour #5
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