Competitive sports
Björn Kircheisen practicing in Klingenthal
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Competitive sports

Federal sports center in Klingenthal
Due to their achievements, athletes older than 12 years have the opportunity to become a part of the Federal sports center. Currently, more than 70 athletes from the German federal states of Saxony, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg improve their skills in cross-country skiing, ski-jumping and Nordic-combined under the guidance of well-educated coaches. Due to the close collaboration with the secondary schools in the cities of Klingenthal and Auerbach, perfect conditions for training and learning can be offered. Students have the possibility to live in small apartments in the boarding school, situated very close to their training locations.
Since March 2007, Klingenthal and the city of Oberwiesenthal form the Federal sports center of the German Ski Federation (DSV).
The German Olympic Sports Confederation nominated Klingenthal, its secondary school, grammar school, boarding school and Federal sports center
as being the „Elite school of sports".

Federal sports center Klingenthal, Floßgrabenweg 1, 08248 Klingenthal
Contact person: Mr. Uwe Schuricht
Phone +49/(0)37465-45688, Fax +49/(0)37465-45687
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The „VSC Klingenthal" - Saxony‘s biggest ski-club

In 1997, the three ski-clubs of Klingenthal called WSV Aschberg-Mühlleithen, SkiVerein Klingenthal and Vogtlandia Fun Factory, united themselves to the club as it is now called „Vogtländischer Ski Club Klingenthal". Since that time, more than 500 members joined the VSC. It is the biggest ski-club in Saxony.
At first, the club consisted of three departments. Today, it is divided into amateur sports and professional sports. Members can choose between nine sports: cross-country skiing, ski-jumping, Nordic-combined, bobsledding, snowboarding as well as alpine sports, cycling, volleyball and athletic sports.

VSC - Vogtländischer Skiclub Klingenthal e.V., Floßgrabenweg 1, 08248 Klingenthal
Phone +49/(0)37465-45690, Fax +49/(0)37465-45687
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Musikstadt Klingenthal


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