The cross-country skiing event „Kammlauf“
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The cross-country skiing event „Kammlauf“

The Kammlauf - where nations meet
International cross-country skiing event Kammlauf each year at the end of february

The international cross-country skiing event Kammlauf is considered to be the most famous classic concerning popular cross-country skiing events. It is also part of the cross-country skiing - series of the German Ski Federation. The Kammlauf always starts in the city of Klingenthal/Mühlleithen. When you look at the list of its winners, you will find some famous names on it: Gerd-Dietmar Klause won the 50 kilometers in 1973, Gerd Heßler in 1974. Concerning the female winners of the 25-kilometer-distance, you will read names like Marlies Rostock (1973) or Christel Buse (1978). In 2010, the biathlete Michael Rösch won the distance of 25 kilometers.
Despite the distances of 25 and 50 kilometers, you can also do a route of ten kilometers, which is called the small version of the Kammlauf and is especially recommendable for families. All participants may choose between classical and free style.

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