The hiking trail Höhensteig - the loop road between Klingenthal and Zwota
View over Klingenthal, picture taken on mount Aschberg
© Thomas Lenk

The hiking trail Höhensteig - the loop road between Klingenthal and Zwota

The city of Klingenthal is situated right in the heart of the natural preserve of the Ore Mountains and the region called Vogtland. Klingenthal is officially recognized as being a leisure area. The city with about 8,000 inhabitants has always been famous for being the center of music and winter sports. Located in the heart of the „Musikwinkel", which is supposed to be the hotspot concerning the production of accordions, button accordions and mouth organs, Klingenthal is famous for exporting these instruments all over the world. The latest highlight of the Vogtland is the Vogtland Arena, a one-in-a-million large hill that fascinates thousands of people every year. Especially tourists addicted to winter sports appreciate Klingenthal as being the venue of the ski-jumping and Nordic-combined world cup.
The center of winter sports of Klingenthal is called hiker‘s paradise, proved by the government of Germany. The loop road around Klingenthal and Zwota achieved its goal of meeting the criteria of being a state-approved hiking trail.
The Höhensteig stands out for its beautiful landscape and many lookouts. The trail is about 50
kilometers long and takes course in an elevation of 800 to 900 meters.
It also comes close to the Czech border and crosses many other hiking trails surrounding the area of Klingenthal which offer the possibility of visiting the Bohemian mountains that are located nearby. Hungry? No problem, visit one of the numerous restaurants representing the hospitality of the Vogtland and its inhabitants.
The beauty of the landscape, the impressing views, sights you wouldn‘t want to miss and recreation facilities along the trail offer experiences hikers will never forget.

Musikstadt Klingenthal


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