Cross-country ski runs
Cross-country ski run called „Sonnenloipe“
© Thomas Lenk

Cross-country ski runs

Center of cross-country ski run in Klingenthal/Mühlleithen: almost 110 kilometers of well-prepared ski runs

Due to its snow-reliable winters, the area around Klingenthal offers ideal conditions for doing winter sports. More than 100 kilometers of ski runs are waiting for you. The ski run Kammloipe Vogtland/Erzgebirge is one of the most perfect and snow-reliable ones in Germany, the German Ski Federation entitled it being „excellent". The Kammloipe starts in Klingenthal/Mühlleithen and ends in the city of Johanngeorgenstadt. On the summit of Mühlleithen it‘s even possible to cross the main road by ski by using the bridge.

In addition to that, many well-prepared ski runs and ski hiking trails in Klingenthal invite to do cross-country skiing. They are called Sonnenloipe, Kielloipen and Schwarzbergloipe. All of them are especially appreciated by families and senior citizens.

Information: mountain rescue service in Mühlleithen, bridge to cross main road by ski, ski rentals available, participating in ski courses is possible, going for a hike on skis is possible, parking lots on summit of Mühlleithen available

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