International Accordion-Competition
Master class called „Jazz Akkordeon“ led by Mr. Frank Marocco in 2010
© Thomas Lenk

International Accordion-Competition

Every year in May, one cultural highlight of the city of music is the international competition of playing accordions. Its tradition is about 50 years old and attracts the professional‘s interest all over the world. Soloists of every age, as well as duos and bands are allowed to participate in the competition. The framework program with its numerous highlights concerning music invites many tourists and other guests to come to the city. Due to the new category of bandoneon-soloists and bands, the air of South American tango is brought to Klingenthal.
People belonging to one of the following categories can participate in this competition:
• Soloists up to an age of 15
• Soloists up to an age of 18
• Soloists without age-restriction
• Bands playing chamber music with up to six musicians, with one accordion
• Soloists without age-restriction with virtuosic light-music
• Soloists without age-restriction playing bandoneons
• Instrumental bands with at least one, but not more than two bandoneons, up to six musicians

Every year, the framework program offers highlights concerning music. Some popular musicians participating in the event have been Mr. Richard Galliano, Mr. Frank Marocco, Mr. Massimo Tagliata or Mr. Victor Vellena, just to name a few.

The competition for kids playing an accordion called „Die Kleinen Tage der Harmonika"

The competition „Die Kleinen Tage der Harmonika" gives the opportunity to young musicians to match with other accordion players. Every rising artist coming from the German Federal states of Saxony, Bavaria and Thuringia as well as artists from the Czech Republic are invited to participate. Those who are interested may pick up the application documents in the office of the Association supporting the International competitions of playing accordions.

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