The orchestra „Stadtorchester Klingenthal“
The orchestra „Stadtorchester Klingenthal
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The orchestra „Stadtorchester Klingenthal“

The Stadtorchester Klingenthal, one of the most traditional and best orchestras of wind music, comes from a city calling itself the „city of music". In 1866, the orchestra has been founded by musicians. They gave it the name „Musikvereinschor Klingenthal". As being conductor, composer and arranger, Mr. Ernst Uebel improved the quality of the orchestra‘s musical appearance. That‘s why, the title „Stadtmusikdirektor" has been bestowed upon him. That level of highly sophisticated music has been influenced significantly by great musicians like Ernst Uebel himself, just like Mr. Alfred Wolf, Mr. Heinz Dähn, Mr. Hugo Herold, Mr. Herbert Fischbach, Mr.
Max Poppa, Mr. Herbert Gerbeth, Mr. Herbert Körner and many more. Under the direction of Mr. Rico Schneider, the Stadtorchester Klingenthal convinces its audience with its distinctive sound and its many different types of music. Visit the website of the orchestra in order to gather more information about its history and repertoire.

Musikstadt Klingenthal


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